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Hellyer Park (Coyote Creek) San Jose, CA Disc Golf Course Review



There’s not a lot of choices when it comes to disc golf courses in the valley. Hellyer Park is one of two courses in south San Jose.

Hellyer features 9 holes with multiple tees and rotating baskets. You should park on Hellyer Ave and head over to hole 8. You’ll get there by walking back the way you came in. I always take a picture of the course map for easy reference later. Plus you never know if there are any announcements that need to be seen. FYI Hellyer Park is looking for volunteers on November 22, 2014. They even said free pizza and soda!

On to the review!

Parking:  Seemed decent. You park along side the course and there seems to be enough to cover a moderately busy day. Posted signs say 2 hours max and no parking after 8pm.

Signage: Excellent course map at hole 8. Every tee has the layout. Each hole does have multiple pins but only one is in place. So this can be a negative for someone new to the course.

Course layout: Great for the size. Holes are seperated and rarely do you have to walk on someone’s else’s path. There’s a few spots you’ll want to keep an eye on your disc.

Course condition:Very clean and there’s bag hooks at every hole! No more bending over to get your disc. Talk about a first world problem!

Overall: Great small course. You can play both tees for an 18 hole day.I’ll be back for sure!


Today was a good day!

Today was a good day!